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Our Goal is to get the word out about whole raw milk so everyone can experience that raw milk has to offer and the health benefits. Also, there is nothing better than getting farm fresh eggs! 


the beginning...

This is a family owned and operated dairy. Our family has provided whole raw milk from our farm for 32 years. This is a Grade A licensed dairy, and we have sold whole raw milk to the public for 9 years with a permit. Over the years growing up on a farm, we were raised on raw milk ourselves. This tradition has now been passed down to our children and on to theirs.

Raw milk benefits are huge and can help address a large number of nutritional deficiencies you may have going on. Some great benefits are healthier skin, stronger immune system, reduced allergies, and increase in bone density. And these are just a few of the benefits! I highly recommend to anyone to try raw milk and do some research and you will be amazed how great you will start to look or feel!

All-Natchur-L Farm’s cows are free to graze on green pastures at all times. They are also fed grain, which keeps the cows happy and producing milk. Our feed contains no soy, no added hormones or antibiotics. We milk Guernsey, Jersey, Brown Swiss and a few Holstein cows. 
Come on down to our farm and get you and your family some local dairy and other products! You are welcome to look around and just enjoy the country living! 
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Al-Natchur-L Dairy Farm